Friday, January 13, 2017

Making Yogurt Can Now Be Easy

This is not a quick way to make yogurt, but it is an easy way to make yogurt.

We all know the benefits of eating yogurt. Yogurt contains the bacteria that your gut needs. But yogurt is tart and I don't like the flavor of it.

I love making yogurt. I have, at present, 3 different yogurt making devices. Plus, there are other ways you can use your stove to make yogurt with. But it wasn't until recently that my husband has decided he likes yogurt. I love making it. He loves eating it.

I do eat some yogurt here and there. I would like it if it has sugar in it, but since I am trying to do away with sugar, I haven't found it too palatable yet. Fruit and stevia make it taste pretty good though.

Yogurt can be used in place of buttermilk in some recipes. I also use yogurt to soak beef in, if I am planning on making a pot roast.

You can now make yogurt in something called an 'Instant Pot'. I love this versatile pot and when I was deciding whether or not to get one, I realized that there are different Instant Pots. Some are just different sizes. But they come in 2 different versions, the LUX and the DUO. If you decide to get an Instant Pot, and you want to make yogurt in it, you need to get the DUO version of it.

It is really simple to make, but altogether, it takes about 10 hours from start to finish, so if you want it for breakfast tomorrow morning, start making the batch today.

Here is a video showing how to make yogurt in the Instant Pot. I use this video every time I make yogurt using the Instant Pot.

(That is not me! She has good directions though).

Here is my finished yogurt

I think you would be able to get the Instant Pot at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. You can get them at which is where I got mine.

Here is a link to the one I have:


Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker, 6Qt/1000W

Happy health and healing!

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