Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My New Waffle Iron - Safe And Easy To Use

I got this waffle iron a while ago, so I can't really say that it is all that new, but, it is the newest one I have, plus the best one I have ever had.

This one is easy to clean and the ceramic coating is the special feature I like about this waffle iron. No more Teflon in my food!

I got mine from amazon.com. I noticed that there are other ceramic waffle irons as well. I had been looking for something that doesn't have the non-stick coating on it. Someone suggested ceramic and I found this one. It works very well too.

This one is almost identical to the one I have. I love it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a decent and safe waffle iron. It is easy to clean.

There are many recipes for waffles on the Internet if you do a search for them. You can even find sourdough waffle recipes!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Never Put Water On A Grease Fire

House fires used to be way more common than they are today, but they still happen. Houses still burn down, even today, with all our technology that is supposed to protect our homes.

Here is a video explaining what happens when you put water on a grease fire.

Just saw this and thought it was pretty awesome. Also, it provides another good 'in the way guy' moment. If I was any good at video editing, I would totally edit him into other people's gifs.

Not all fires have the same reason for starting. We have electrical fires, grease fires, and fires due to carelessness. Occasionally, a fire can start when the lint is built up inside the lint filter.

If your oven catches on fire, shut the oven door and turn the oven off. You may be able to contain the fire inside the oven.

Make sure you take the lint off the lint filter in the dryer. I have seen 2 houses that burned down because the owners left the dryer going while they were gone.

If the fire is in the kitchen, I have heard that using flour can help put the fire out. I have also heard of using salt, but I don't know how you would do this.

Besides serious burns from a fire, the most destructive thing about a fire is the smoke. Birds are very sensitive to anything that is irritating to the lungs. They must never come in contact with smoke, but neither should we. Smoke inhalation is very damaging if not fatal, even to human beings.

If a fire is spreading quickly in your home, the best thing to do is call 911 immediately. Never leave cooking appliances on while not at home.

If you have a live Christmas tree in the house, use cool lights on it and make sure the tree is well watered.

Have a safe holiday season this year.