Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Warning And A Plea To Moms Everywhere

  Back in the 1950s, life was fairly safe for people, including children. We locked our doors but you didn't hear about too many robberies. People respected the law and most obeyed, at least on the outside.

   I hate to write this type of blog on this blog site, but, we have to be so careful today. I am heartbroken by a lot of things that are happening in our country. One of the worst things happening, is that children are being taken away from their homes. Many of these children will be killed. Some will be physically destroyed. Others will be destroyed just because they are taken out of their home environment where they were thriving, but authority figures think they know best and remove them from parents because they judge the parents as not competent when they really are.

   The one I want to focus on is the one where children are kidnapped. I was listening to a true, very sad story told in class, about a child who was never seen again by the mother. She was shopping with her six year old boy, and the child was bored. He complained and wanted to go home. The mother still had some shopping to do. A young man came up to the mother and started a conversation with her. He was earning her trust as a safe person. He offered to take the boy to a video store in the mall. The mother said 'no'. She didn't know the man. He continued to talk to her and mentioned that he had a son around the same age. He totally understood what this mom was going through, and empathized with her. I don't know how long the conversation went on for, but he asked again to take the boy to the video store. The mother felt like if she said 'no', she would be judging him. So, she let her boy go to the video store with the stranger. Is was not too long after that when she decided to follow the man with her son. They were no where to be found, and she never saw the boy again.

   I think this is horrible for a variety of reasons. The mom wanted to be nice to the man and not judge him. Is it wrong to say 'no' to someone who wants to take your child somewhere, and you don't know that person? Never feel bad about saying no to anyone who wants to take your child away.

   Pornography is a terrible sin, and it does terrible things to people, especially children. Most children who are brought into child pornography do not recover well, unless they get good counsel and ministry. Sometimes, they grow up and become sexual abusers themselves. Many of those who struggle with sexual abuse and porn were those who were abused as children. They never got the help they needed to be free from the lie of pornography and they were destroyed. They will destroy others too.

   One thing to keep in mind with pedophiles, is that they are sexually aroused during the whole operation of their kidnapping scheme. This makes it even harder to deal with.

   Please keep your children with you at all times, or at least keep your eye on them. These predators are sneaky and will take all kinds of risks to take our children and use them for their own ends. You need to have eyes in the back of your head, as my mother in law would say.

  I had heard years ago, that the most desired target for pedophiles is 5 year old boys with blond hair and blue eyes.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Recommended Product To Help Children Relax

I am taking a class on Biblical Counseling with Children and Adolescence. There actually was a recommendation in an article we read for class, indicating that this product helps children to sleep better at night. I live in a home with insomniacs, and we are using this product to help us sleep better as well as magnesium and other valid sleep aids.

When you shop at Amazon, one suggestion is to put the item in the cart, but do not actually order the item. Periodically check the price on the item in the cart. If there is a price change, which happens many times, you will get a message in your cart telling of the price change. The item could go through several price changes a day. Many items fluctuate in their prices every day, so with any item you wish to order, check on it often to see if the price has come down.