Sunday, September 6, 2015

'The War Room' Movie And How It Applies To Us In Our Homes

If you have not seen The War Room, this movie is one you need to watch before it is no longer playing in your area.

Amazingly, the movie, in many ways, was not done by professional actors and actresses. The movie was very well done and professional. I thought the music in the background also was done very well.

The movie starts out with a family, a man, his wife, and their daughter. The man is harsh with his wife and very focused on his success as a career man. At this expense, the wife and daughter suffer. The marriage is going down the drain quickly. Each day gets harder and harder for the woman. That is, until she meets a lady named Clara, who is a prayer warrior.

Clara and the woman become friends, and basically Clara disciples her in the midst of her marriage difficulties and teaches her how to pray. The woman takes on the task of learning how to fervently pray for her husband, their daughter, and her marriage.

For a while, things continue to get worse in the marriage. But the woman continues to pray. I will not tell the rest of the story, but it is one you will not want to miss.

Here are some comments that people made who have watched the movie (Go to the link for all the comments.) I think the comments help get a picture of the main thrust of the movie, which was the importance of praying.

This link gives some of the resources that you can have for your home:

Here is the trailer for the movie: