Friday, November 4, 2016

Nice Smelling Fall Scents Using Essential Oils

I found some recipes in the latest issue of Living, put out by DoTerra. I tried 3 of them and like 2 of them a lot.

This one, I think we like the best. Since it has orange oil in it, it smells delicious.

Fall Harvest (Not sure of the true name of this recipe)

4 drops Cedarwood essential oil
3 drops wild Orange essential oil
3 drops Cassia essential oil
2 drops Juniper Berry essential oil

Fill diffuser with appropriate level of water and add the drops of oil. Turn the diffuser on. Enjoy the aroma!

Autumn Meadows

4 drops Douglas Fir
2 drops Cypress essential oil
2 drops Patchouli essential oil
2 drops Juniper Berry essential oil

Follow directions above.

There is a url to the magazine online and it is found here:

Here is the url where you can find more info on essential oils and you can even order from here: